Thursday, August 1, 2013

Katherine Anne Porter Interview With James Day

I've loved Katherine Anne Porter's stories and her massive novel, Ship of Fools, for decades.  Finding this interview with her, listening to it, I was surprised at the sound of her voice, never having heard it before. Nothing like it sounded during my reading of her. .  She was quite old during the interview.  At first I was a bit disappointed but with her telling the story of what years later would be called, I suppose, her near death experience I realized how she sounded like a character in one of her stories, which, as she kind of points out, is only natural.  It's a wonderful music, her speaking, her entirely natural, not affected charm is wonderful and her constant revelation of her thought and art even during the interview shows that her stories are just a fixed form of her constant telling of experience and thought and observed truth.

Here it is, also a memory of a time when public broadcasting in the United States had such programs on, a lost world, it would seem.

I'll be going back to re-read all of Pale Horse Pale Rider, which I don't think I've read again since near death experiences came to be talked about, thirty or so years back.   Maybe there will be more to say about that

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