Friday, August 9, 2013

Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of The "Reality Community"

Anyone who thinks a modern country could operate allowing what Edward Snowden did to be perfectly legal has marked themselves as hopelessly unrealistic and deluded.  If there's one thing about that which is certain, the world where he could have stolen what he is known to have stolen and remain at perfect liberty and unharassed does not and will not ever exist.   Such a state would cease to exist quite rapidly.   Including  those countries and institutions pretending that isn't the case, including those who have voiced such support for Snowden stealing and revealing information from another country.  I can guarantee you that if it were their country or institution whose sensitive information was stolen and revealed, it would be different.  Even civil liberties groups depend on some information being concealed, which is why they so often protest - often quite legitimately - when they find they've been spied on.  I'd like it if that wasn't true and there were total and absolute transparency everywhere on Earth but I'd also like to have wings and be able to fly while invisible.  People in hell want ice water, too. 

Not to mention the myriad of bloggers and commentators who wax unrealistically about it WHILE CONCEALING THEIR IDENTITY BEHIND PSEUDONYMS AND TROLL NAMES. 

Grow up. 

Update:  Someone remind me to not write two involved series while something like this stuff is going on.  By the time I can give it my full attention everyone's gone nuts over it.  It's best to see something like that happening gradually. 

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