Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Fight Develops Darwinwise

I'm skeptical that natural selection is more than a convenient and gratifying habit of thought.  I do not believe that all of those trillions of lives, all of those trillions of deaths with their vast variety of reproduction and survival rates,  the reasons for all of those survivals, the happenstance, the mere chance, the non-selective factors the neutral factors, the problem of the same trait being combined with different ones that could effect the rate of survival, the same trait existing in organisms interacting with slightly different habitats that have an effect on successful reproduction rates etc. equal Darwin's just-so story borrowed from the odious Malthus as a force of nature or a law of nature.

One of the dead give-aways that Darwin's and Darwinists' self-interest is involved in this matter  is that, somehow, by some enormous coincidence, Darwin's idea benefited his economic class, his desired way of life, his investment practices, his racial grouping and even his Anglo-Saxon and British identity. Now, isn't it just an incredibly amazing coincidence that Darwin's "discovery" would just benefit him and those members of his class, confirming them in their presumed superiority, in their preferred economic practices (don't forget it all started in Malthus)  and that in, notably, it was  Britain and  Germany which could establish the hegemony of natural selection in biology and in the general culture.  Countries with large military classes that could enforce the political aspect of Darwin's claim to fame which proved adaptable for the uses of economic elites everywhere.  I think the idea is just a few dozen coincidences and advantages for those guys - who controll the scientific establishments, enforcing its bounds of discussion and  funding - too far to be plausible.

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