Saturday, July 6, 2013

Let Me Know

I've got much more material on the topic of eugenics and its relationship to Darwin than I've already used.  I could probably make it the sole topic of a blog for a number of years.  As I mentioned to RMJ in the comments, I've looked long and hard at these questions and have found nothing in the past seven years that contradicts my contentions on that topic.  I have looked,  A lot of the strongest material I've used was the product of me trying to prove the opposite to only find that it supports my premise, that Darwin inspired and supported eugenics and the monism of Haeckel.  I have asked and, as they became more strident, demanded that people who deny what I've presented, show us their evidence for their eugenics-Haeckel free Charles Darwin who is as innocent as can be.  No one has been able to do that except by recourse to the two or three outs that Darwin provided for himself before going on to present the case against those, himself.  I will write a new post demolishing those with Darwin's own words next week.

If you want me to continue with this topic, let me know, otherwise I will start posting these more occasionally than I have the past two weeks.  Someone is reading these posts, they've been getting some of the highest hit rates of anything I've written.  Even higher than the duels with Sims.  Those have been removed to another blog.

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