Saturday, December 16, 2017

Second Feature - Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe - Before I Die

Adapted and Produced by Ron Hartman
Music by Don Gillis
Starring Mavor Moore as NERO WOLFE
and Don Francks as ARCHIE GOODWIN
with Cec Linder as Inspector Cramer
Frank Perry as Fritz
Alfie Scopp as Saul
August Schellenberg as Dazy Perrit

I know it's August Schellneberg who played Dazy Perrit because I'd know his voice anywhere. He played lots of heavies.  I know shortly before his death he was in an all -First Nations production of King Lear that I wish I could hear because I can imagine him doing a really good King Lear.  I imagine it was recorded but I've never come across it. 

I can't place the other voice and, unfortunately, I can't find a cast list and the recording cut off the credits that I know they always gave.

I might have posted this before but this recording is much clearer than the others in this series I've found online.  I might post all of these in the next few weeks. 

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