Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Rev. Dr. Walter Brueggemann and His Eminence Thomas Cardinal Colllins Archbishop of Toronto

I am really sick, too sick to do any real writing.  I was thinking of posting a lecture by someone but this conversation deals with so many of the real problems, so much of the content of the Bible that provides some of the fodder for anti-religious invective head on, that it's worth listening to.

The typical anti-religious jerks who are on TV and radio and who get quoted in the media can't begin to imagine this level of sophisticated engagement with The Bible.  I've really come to believe that the new atheism, popular anti-religiosity is a symptom of a dumbed down culture, dumbed down intentionally so as to make democracy impossible.  The amorality of that dumbed down culture is as crucial a tool of fascism as the ignorance is.

Oh, and I should warn you that the video is just over a half-hour long, the rest of it as posted on Youtube is just a black screen.

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