Monday, March 6, 2017

My Troll Is Becoming Deranged On THAT I'm Willing To Come To A Conclusion

The illiterate and idiot who doesn't understand that you're not obliged to have an opinion about something you have insufficient information to have one on is apparently spouting venom at me over my refusal to pretend I know what I have said I don't know.  Apparently not doing that when you don't know enough to decide is wrong.

As I said, I have no idea if she was guilty of the obstruction of justice she was convicted of or not, I have no idea if she obstructed justice or not, I have no idea if she deserved to be convicted or not.  Nor am I especially interested in pretending that any possible opinion I would express as to her innocence or guilt would be worth any more than the kind of opining out of ignorance that the idiot who started this practices. 

After reading his latest pod of idiotic comments, I do know one thing, he doesn't know much more about it than I do. In fact, he obviously knows a lot less than I learned since about 4:00 this afternoon.

He claims that she couldn't be guilty of passing secrets, but that's not what she was accused or convicted of doing, so he doesn't even know what she was convicted of.  He claims that she couldn't have been guilty because she was a teacher when AT THE TIME SHE ALLEGEDLY OBSTRUCTED JUSTICE SHE WAS NOT A TEACHER, SHE DIDN'T BECOME A TEACHER FOR MORE THAN TWO DECADES AFTER THAT.  Obviously this idiot troll doesn't even know what the case was about. 

This is from a website friendly to her case.

At the age of 34, Moskowitz, a secretary, became involved with a married man, Abraham Brothman, a chemical engineer whose known associates included Harry Gold, a U.S. citizen and admitted Soviet spy. The Red Scare was front page news. The FBI began following her while they brought in and interrogated Brothman and Gold, trying to tie them together as co-conspirators involved in espionage with the Soviet Union.

Gold initially told the FBI that Moskowitz was not involved in any espionage. To escape the electric chair, however, Gold agreed to deal and described Moskowitz as a co-conspirator along with Brothman. Her conviction was solely based on the grand jury statements and FBI interviews with Harry Gold that were not available to her original attorneys for use in cross-examination.

Moskowitz believed she was innocent and refused to testify before the grand jury because it would expose her relationship with the married Brothman. At the trial, Brothman and Moskowitz were charged with conspiring to lie to the grand jury and federal agents investigating a suspected spy plot involving Gold. Later Gold was charged with espionage. Brothman and Moskowitz were found guilty and sentenced to two years in prison. Gold was sentenced to 30 years but served only 15 years because he testified against the Rosenbergs.

After their release from prison in 1952, Moskowitz and Brothman broke up, and her life as a convicted felon began. Hounded and harassed by the FBI, Moskowitz couldn’t keep a job because agents constantly questioned her activities and patriotism. She “found it painful to reveal [her] past” and tried for decades to maintain a “low social profile” to avoid drawing attention to herself. Finally, desperate and depressed, she contemplated suicide.

Her life finally took a turn when she got a job as a junior high school math teacher in 1970. A longtime violinist and violist, she began playing in chamber orchestras. “It was the greatest time of my life. I have never known such bliss,” Moskowitz said. She told the Los Angeles Times that she still regrets that she was never able to serve on a jury, never had any serious romances, and never had any children.

Well, I'm sorry that things went badly for her, I've known several people whose lives were ruined by having gone to jail, lots of people who go to jail have it a lot worse than she did. One who had their conviction overturned. As I said, if she'd been accused of the same in the Soviet Union it would have gone even worse for her because she'd almost certainly have been dead.

I don't get why he's accusing me of being insufficiently willing to pretend I know what I don't know or why I should have an opinion about something I don't know about on the basis of Moskowitz being Jewish.  So were the people who prosecuted her, the putrid Roy Cohn and the infamous Judge Irving Kaufman, the man who gave them the basis of her prosecution on obstruction Harry Gold - perhaps to save his own ass from getting fried - her boyfriend who wasn't man enough to protect her, Abraham Brothman*.  Their ethnicity is of absolutely no relevance to my refusal to pretend that I have a right to have an opinion on the case.  To the dolt who is trolling me, I don't know why you should accuse me of making my decision on that basis.  Well, I lie.  I do know why you're saying that, it's what you say when you've got nothing else, as you never do have.

Is that why you think I said I didn't know if Mumia was innocent or guilty, too?  

*  About the only people on both sides who were involved in the accusation and prosecution who weren't Jewish were the spy who put them onto Harry Gold, Klaus Fuchs and the sleazy, drunken Vassar-Columbia gal, ex-Communist spy who turned against them for her own self-interest, Elizabeth Bentley, who testified against Abraham Brothman.   I just thought I'd get that in for an Ivy League connection.  I do loathe the Ivies.

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