Monday, March 31, 2014

Social Justice Isn't A Gift It Is A Given

Other than, perhaps, Bernie Sanders, I can't think of a politician on the secular left who comes near the power and insistence of The Reverend. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. in demanding justice.

If you want to hear where the title comes from, listen to his anecdote beginning about 21:00.

The quality of the video isn't great and the audio cuts out a few times but the message gets through.


  1. Thank you. I so seldom listen to videos (except, occasionally, for music) on any website. I prefer to read, even when that limits me.

    This was soul refreshing. This is precisely what I needed to hear. My regard for the Rev. Wright continues to grow. I am very grateful to you for posting this, and I'm gonna steal it 'cause I need to.

    Thanks, again. I am refreshed to go out and tend my own garden, now.

  2. I listen to way too many but I've decided I've listened to enough debates with atheists. Those make me annoyed and angry and keep me from doing things in the real world. I'm going to start listening to these kinds of videos and pod-casts more, I feel like getting out and doing some justice work when I hear them.

    Reverend Wright is a great preacher and only about every bit entirely more to the left than the materialists.

  3. Smarter than the materialists, too. The man knows his stuff. More importantly, he knows what is important. Which is a given, too; though too many (preachers, especially) think that is a gift they'd just as soon not open, or even receive.