Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Hate Mail

I've pointed out several times that Tlaz is so clueless that she named herself after the Aztec goddess who eats shit, Tlazolteotl.  So I have no problem saying, shit in, shit out. 

Duncan Black's blog after about 2006 became useful mostly as a place where examples of why the left failed when it went college-based secular-atheist gather to spout stupidity and lies as they snipe at each other over tiny variations in their mutual delusion, repeat the clueless liturgies of secular-atheism, to brag about what they're having for lunch, what movies and TV shows they're watching, you know, the college-credentialed lazy geezer thing.  There are about four people who go there out of bad habit who aren't idiots but their continued participation there isn't the best thing about them. 

Duncan doesn't care, it's a money making vehicle into which he has to put minimal effort.  He doesn't care.  It does nothing. 

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