Sunday, May 20, 2018

Trigger Warning A Senile Senior Made A Spectacle Of Himself

He posts a picture of himself looking senile as well as stupid in a silly shirt with a silly message on it while wearing his Roger Stone beret and he calls me an idiot.   Yeah, the whole world can see Simps is a genius in that display.  Here, you just have to see it to believe it, reduced in size because some of you may find it disturbing


Lennie might have liked it, he adored attention so much but I'd guess there's an even chance he's the one who would have hated it.  As far as I'm concerned if the  guy who libels me at Duncan's hundreds of times a year wants to expose himself as their village idiot, I'm powerless to stop him.  He's another two year old who figures negative attention is still attention.  I can report that I'm nowhere near that ugly and lumpy.

Update:  And, checking the in-box, "General Zod" got mightily pissed off over my little post linking to the CBC piece about the former High Rabbi of Ireland, anti-apartheid activist, etc. Rabbi David Rosen, promoting veganism as being so ethical that it should be considered a the appropriate standard for modern dietary laws.

Rabbi David Rosen, one of the leading Jewish interfaith activists, would like Jews to consider veganism as the new kosher. He joins more than 70 rabbis worldwide who have signed a declaration urging Jews around the world to embrace veganism.

"Today, there are important ethical reasons why the whole world should be living according to a plant-based diet.

"But from a Jewish perspective, there are specific particular concerns that relate to specific Jewish injunctions which are born out of the religious tradition of Jewish practice law ... that should demand that people should no longer if you like, collaborate or party to an industry which is problematic ethically, environmentally, even in terms of economic justice," says Rosen.

Rabbi Rosen is the International Director of Interreligious Affairs at the American Jewish Committee in Jerusalem.  He's also the Honorary President of the International Jewish Vegetarian Society.

Perhaps by chance the CBC Sunday Edition program had a pretty good long-piece report about veganism as a means of feeding the world and what a disaster meat eating is for the environment as well as it being an aspect of inequality.  I don't know how I feel about the "meat without killing animals" aspect of it except to say I've been a vegetarian for about a half a century and I don't have any interest in eating such, perhaps, cruelty free flesh of the future.  Though I can't think of any moral problem in what the report said about it.

I have to confess, it wouldn't upset me if "Zod" is even more unhappy with this addendum to this morning's post.

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