Friday, April 20, 2018


I listened to Lawrence O'Donnell's interview with Trump's self declared most trusted lawyer Jay Goldberg, it did nothing to dissuade me that sleazy New York City lawyers have got to be some of the sleaziest in the country.   I don't have a very high opinion of the profession, though I've known some really honest lawyers, not many and few between, but I can't say that I've ever met one who would buck their profession over the generally sleazy professional standards and dishonesty that is rampant among them.   I've known more ex-lawyers who have left the profession like that.  

But that said the utter sleaze of the lawyers who have worked for Trump and his cronies disgusts me.   

Note:  I'm having serious eye problems this spring, sorry for the editing problems.  I'm experimenting with big fresnel lenses, we'll see how that works. 

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