Wednesday, October 18, 2017

No True Atheist - or When A Show Biz Atheist Does It That Makes It OK

Maybe the idiots at the company got the really disgusting and stupid idea from watching that really disgusting and stupid show. 

I don't do American Halloween just like I don't do American Christmas or American Thanksgiving or American anything these days because I don't like holidays that involve buying crap and corporate commercialism and all things excessive.  Especially holidays that are based on adding to the caloric load of simple carbohydrates and fat among America's children who are super-saturated with both. 

Anyway,  dopey is snarking about the repulsive Anne Frank halloween costume that was offered by Halloween until the complaints forced them to remove what I hope is the low point of disgusting depravity outside of the Republican-fascist government and its emanations in the American Nazi movement.   Apparently he's attributing the costume to Christians, how he knows this, I don't know.  I was unable to find that information online and I would match my research skills against his total lack of research skills any day.   How does he know it wasn't what it appears to be, the decision of devout, distasteful and not to bright Mammonists. 

I do, though, have to ask if the disgusting act of turning Anne Frank into a Halloween Costume is any worse than pop-atheist Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy Holocaust jokes.  One episode featured some really disgusting use of Anne Frank, her family and others who were hiding from the Nazis.  Maybe the idiots at the company got the really disgusting idea from watching that really disgusting show.   One thing we know, it didn't come from anything intelligent and respectful, thus the FOX series that my most obsessive troll loves put out by someone I've called a total piece of slime since I first heard him on the radio with Terry Gross and who has steadily reaffirmed my initial impression of him.   Simps hasn't broken with him. 


  1. Here's a clue, asshole.

    Seth MacFarlane is what my fellow Red Sea Pedestrians call a mensch.

    1. I guess the Jews I know have higher standards than that. The only one I've ever discussed MacFarlane with thinks he's as much of an asshole as I do. I don't believe any of them is a fan, but, then, no one I know likes him or thinks he's funny. He is one of the shittiest Bobby Darin imitating Frank Sinatra copy cats I've ever heard. I think the late Jerry Lewis was about as good a singer, and he stank, too.

      Seth MacFarlane is one of the people who have used the Holocaust and Anne Frank and her family in his putrid excuse of comedy. That's at least as offensive as using a costume purporting to represent her as a Halloween costume and I wouldn't be surprised if some idiot at the company got the idea from watching that show you love so much.

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    1. I know lots of Jewish people, I am involved with in classical music, dopey.