Wednesday, October 25, 2017

I read that Bill O'Reilly has blamed God for his serial sexual abuse of women.   Having made that start of blaming God for that - where do you usually hear that line of bilge -  I'm expecting he's going to come out as an atheist any time now.  He'll write a book on it.  


  1. God should have protected him from the consequences of his actions, is literally what O'Reilly said.

    He needs to read Hosea.

  2. Someone should remind him God makes the tide come in. God does not prevent women he harasses from pursuing legal action against him. Wise as serpents and innocent as doves. It's a bad idea to go through life neither.

  3. "Hey, Simps, people die. I faced that
    fact when I was 16, sitting in a study hall and I suddenly started
    laughing because I realized that nothing I did was going to prevent me
    from dying someday and I should just accept it. Face it. You won't get
    so bummed out about it when people die from natural causes. It's the
    ones who don't die of natural causes that are worth getting bummed out"

    So because Fats Domino died of natural causes I'm not supposed to grieve of his passing? Fuck you. With a rusty chainsaw.

    1. Yeah, I'm sure you're all broken up about it.

      You should look into becoming a professional mourner. You can practice keening and tearing your clothes and beating on coffins.

  4. You're a sociopath. I dobn't think I really realized it until now.

    1. You're a phony and a liar and I realized it not long after I first encountered you.

      No wonder you love pop music so much, all of that phony pathos, all the sincerity of a Hollywood for the cameras air-kiss.