Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Hate Mail

Simps claimed that I slammed Berlin Diary for not blaming the Holocaust on Darwin?   I thought he was still pretending to have read the book.  The Holocaust hadn't happened when that book was written, though, as I had to point out to the moron before, Shirer did note that the genocide against the disabled had started by then and he talked about it.  If he'd really read the book instead of skimming parts of it and pretending he had, he'd have known that.  If he didn't before he certainly should have after I answered his previous misrepresentations of it.  And Shirer was hardly a major scholar of the Holocaust and what led to it.  He wasn't even a major scholar of the Third Reich, he was a journalist. Depending on him as an expert on the issue in 2017 doesn't even make it to the stage where I'd call someone a tyro, it makes them an ignorant idiot. 

The Eschaton commentariat are pretty stupid the ones who take Simps seriously, anyway.  

Update:  Oh, and from the book Stupy claims to have read, Berlin Diary, talking about those murders.

X, a German, told me yesterday that relatives are rushing to get their kin out of private asylums and out of the clutches of the authorities. He says the Gestapo is doing to death persons who are merely suffering temporary derangement or just plain nervous breakdown.  

What is still unclear to me is the motive for these murders.  Germans themselves advance three:
1. That they are being carried out to save food.

2. That they are done for the purpose of experimenting with new poison gases and death rays. 

3. That they are simply the result of the extreme Nazis deciding to carry out their eugenic and sociological ideas. 

Eugenics was a direct result, in both Britain and Germany of Darwin's theory of natural selection,  the inventor of the idea, Francis Galton and the people who are "credited" with beginning eugenics in Germany, Alfred Ploetz and Wilhelm Schallmeyer all attributed their eugenics to their study of Darwin.  I don't know if William Shirer knew that but it is irrefutable that all of them attributed their eugenics to Darwinism.  As I've pointed out any number of timesbefore, Darwin's own son, Leonard Darwin, attributed German, that would be Nazi eugenics to his father's influence as late as April 1939.  I'll point that out as many times as it takes to refute the lie that that isn't a fact. 


  1. Haven't you figured out by now that Simels knows all there is to know and can never be proven wrong? Because he knows he's right.

    Believe me. (Sorry, been paying TOO much attention to Trump lately).

    1. It's the comm on received wisdom. Someone sent me a Rawstory item about some guy in a Klan hood who was protesting against "evolution" by noting that Darwinism has supported scientific racism and genocide. I hate to have to tell them but I can give the passages in his books, books and articles he cites, statements by his closest associates such as Thomas Huxley that support that if by "evolution" the guy meant natural selection, that much of it he's got right. Only the guy is obviously kind of nuts and is being mocked by people who like Simels "knows" that isn't true.

      I am ever more convinced that what a college education means for most of the people who get one is indoctrination into a set number of ideological positions without any ability to fact check or research or even think, logically.

    2. Thinking is hard! It's hard!

      And too many people can't be bothered to do it.