Thursday, August 3, 2017

Note:  I was fiddling around with some comment filters the other day and believe some comments disappeared someplace and I can't find them.  I don't know what those were.  If your comment was not posted or commented on, that's the reason.  The ones which were just stupid and insulting and content free, those disappear because I send them to the Spam file. 

Update:  One of the comments I did find complained that I'd said Jeff Sessions was a racist, citing a right wing (it looked neo-Nazi to me) website that had a piece of crap up about how when he was nominated to a federal judgeship in 1986, young Jefferson Beauregard Sessions jr. got his self-admittedly segregationist father to claim in a local rag that though he favored "separation of the races" his son didn't.   As if a racist father claiming his little boy isn't a racist when sonny boy is up for a job in a time an overt racist wouldn't get it is credible.  Lil' Jefferson Beauregard was 40 at the time, what is it with these Republican right wingers in trouble running to daddy like they were 14?    Back then the Senate wouldn't have put an overt racist like Jeff Sessions in such a position, under the current Republican leadership, even the "moderates" like Susan Collins would.  Jeff Sessions entire career is a neo-Confederate monument to white supremacy and racism.  That's why he's been put in as Attorney General in a white supremacist regime.  I strongly suspect we will find the same is true of Neil Gorsuch.  

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