Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Now Do You Believe We Are Under The Colonial Oppression of the Billionaires?

The Republican Party is joining ISIS and Al Qaeda and whatever terrorist groups have as a goal to kill Americans thanks to the massive hypocrisy of John McCain and whatever effect of him rallying himself from his government health care stay at an elite hospital in order to take one last stab at Barack Obama for the affrontery of having beaten him in the presidential race in 2008 had in todays vote against the American People by Republicans in the Senate.  

With this vote, with its expected death toll of up to 40,000 Americans a year,  the Republican Party is the greatest danger that Americans face in the world.  

You can read a more detailed account of the disgusting day in the Senate at Charles Pierce's blog.  With large excerpts from McCain's revoltingly hypocritical speech.  I have to say that I am not surprised at John McCain because he has always been about eighty percent phony in his maverick role.  I have never expected better from him, especially after his disgusting performance of the past nine years.  He was a man who had one distinction, having survived being a POW, but who, otherwise, has been mostly less than met the TV camera.   Charles Pierce notes that the only constituency he ever really cared about was the Meet the Nation audience, he certainly doesn't care about the American People. 

I hope he roasts in hell. 


  1. I was honestly surprised Pierce expected any more of McCain than what McCain delivered.

    I gave up on the Senator's "Maverick" BS a decade or so ago. It's always been a sham.

  2. OTOH, the Senate Parliamentarian has declared so much of the bill (which ever bill) off limits to reconciliation (only 50 votes needed) that there is no proceeding on repeal or replace.

    It's over. McCain is still a tower of Jell-O and a statue Virtue carved in butter, but this vote was to move to debate something they can't do in reconciliation, so it's all over but the shouting.