Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Special Post For Duncan's Brain Trusters

These are words.

To know what they say you have to read them.

That might be hard but it is not my fault. 

Update:  No, I didn't think they'd read it, that would be too much like work.  I wrote it for the amusement of my readers who know how to read.

Update 2:   Gee,  most days my blog gets anywhere from between 800 to 1200 readers who, obviously, don't come for the comment thread community or the cat pictures.  You're the only one who complains that they don't understand what I say.  

And even funnier, you haven't ever felt any hesitation to lie about what you claim to not understand over at Duncan's.  And before you bring up his numbers, he doesn't have readers because you've got to write something before you can have readers.   He's obviously given up writing because his community wouldn't read what he used to write.  That would be because he is too cowardly to have any kind of original ideas, too invested in conventional thinking to break out of it and too lazy to make the effort.   But he's not honest enough to keep his blog from hosting a total liar like you.

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