Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Five Cheers for Ruth Bader Ginsburg

It's so funny to see the people who are getting into a swivet over Ruth Bader Ginsburg telling the truth about Donald Trump, saying things that any thinking person would think about him because of the phony impartiality of the Supreme Court.  What she said is certainly not as bad as what Samuel Alito did when he publicly, during the State of the Union, audibly and as was widely reported accused Barack Obama of lying about the Citizens United ruling he and his fellow Republican hacks issued.  

If showing partiality is any bar to ruling on a president then all of the Republicans who voted to install George W. Bush in 2000 should have recused themselves on every single issue that impinged on his presidency, yet I don't remember the New York Times, the Washington Post, the cabloids and networks questioning the propriety of Republicans on the Supreme Court deciding cases on a president they had installed.  

I strongly suspect that Ruth Bader Ginsburg, in telling the truth about Trump has upped the ante for Democrats and liberals because this certainly looks like a notice of intent to leave the court.  Since Republicans in the Senate have improperly nullified the election of Barack Obama by refusing to consider his nominee to replace Antonin Scalia on the court she is pointing out the stakes for the country because whoever wins in November will be the one who replaces her and, beyond any reasonable doubt, other Supreme Court members.   People are expressing mystification over her breaking of decorum and alleged precedent to point out that Donald Trump is an extremely dangerous man but there is really no mystery to it.  She is 83, she has had major health problems, someone that age must know that they are sitting on death row with minimal likelihood of a stay of execution.  The people who are clutching their pearls over her "destroying her legacy" are idiots, she knows that far more than her personal legacy is at stake in this election.  The whole thing hangs in the balance and only an idiot would expect justice to be served by playing blind, deaf and mute.  

She deserves a medal of honor for doing what judges aren't supposed to do, telling the truth about a threatening disaster.   It is probably the bravest and most moral thing any of the sitting justices have done.  

Update:  For the second time in a week some dolt at Duncan Black's blog has claimed that I'm some kind of Republican leaning lackey.  Yeah, someone who regularly uses the term "Republicanfascist Party" is rationally accused of that.   And people wonder why I've come to the conclusion that atheists are prone to lying. 


  1. Scalia spoke publicly frequently, and spoke about Supreme Court cases and decisions he liked and didn't like. He was nakedly partisans and never saw fit to recuse himself from any case, even when his impartiality was clearly in question.

    And I'm supposed to get upset because Ginsburg says what we can all see? That the would-be emperor is naked as a jaybird, and as dumb as a box of rocks?

    As if the refusal of Supreme Court Justices to attend the SOTU isn't a partisan political act.

  2. I would also recommend Nina Totenberg's comments on NPR this afternoon. She is not one to clutch her pearls, and even points out Scalia's refusal to recuse himself from a case involving Cheney after duck hunting with the man.

    Yes, per her comments, what Notorious RBG did is unusual, but it's hardly a Constitutional crisis.