Tuesday, June 28, 2016

OK, If She Were Not Already Married and I Were Not Already Gay And If I Were Not Sure She Could Do Way Better I'd Propose to This Woman

She's the gutsiest, smartest, most important person on TV today.

Update:  OK, that "loud windbags" comment makes me wish it could work even more.

And with David Tennant .... OK, if he were not already married.....

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  1. Samantha Bee showing me why I should be grateful for the Southern Baptists? Now I know water is running uphill....

    On a local NPR news show yesterday, which discusses daily news and has a local call-in feature, the first call on the topic of the Supreme Court abortion decision was a complaint that abortions were being paid for with public funds.

    They aren't, of course. That's not even allowed at the Federal level, much less would Texas ever do it.

    I think about that when people say immigrants "take our jobs" and "don't pay taxes" (that's the American fillip. Even the Brits know taxation is not linked to citizenship status). It always comes down to money, to "them" getting something ($$$$) "we're" not getting.

    But Sam Bee is a national treasure. She even made me have kind thoughts towards he Baptists, whom I grew up amongst and came to regard as the enemy. I hate it when I have to learn, again, to love my enemy.