Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Donald Trump Wing of the Republican Party Is Foul Brood Of Its Corrupt Adults

For someone from Maine, the current frenzy in the Republican Party to disavow the Donald Trump candidacy is especially strange.  The claim that a crazy fringe who support Trump is hijacking the Party is an obvious lie.  What happened is that the movers and shakers in the Republican party and its media arm, well, pretty much the entire broadcast and cabloid media has nurtured the worst of the worst in order to get a winning margin in elections.  What happened isn't so much a takeover as the coming of age of the poisonous mindset that the Republicans have been encouraging since Richard Nixon, the Bush family and the like have had control of the party.  Now their horrible brood is on the verge of taking over from the cynical adults who nurtured them.

In Maine that phenomenon takes the form of the putrid Paul LePage who so obviously and semi publicly and with such open hypocrisy traded sides from the old establishment to his natural ally, Trump, within the space of five days.   And make no mistake about that, Paul LePage was nurtured by the Republican establishment.  He has enjoyed the endorsement of both of the "moderate" Republicans Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, even after his first term when his pure and vidictive venom was flowing and hurting people in Maine.   In one of her endorsements Olympia Snowe said that Paul LePage had been the protogee of her first husband, the Republican state legislator Peter Snowe.   LePage also enjoyed the explicit if not admitted support of the electronic media in Maine which is dominated by Republicans, including the supposed public broadcaster.

And the same thing is true across the country.  The Trumps, LePages and Christies of the Republican Party are the thugs that were created by the Republican establishment of the past fifty years.

I am not enjoying watching the Republicans because I can't be sure that what they have sown will not mature into something that will consume the entire country if not world.

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