Thursday, March 17, 2016

Black Votes Matter Latino Votes Matter

Have you been reading it too?  The variations on the "If Hillary weren't getting the black and Latino vote she wouldn't be ahead" line.  As if the votes of black and Latino voters weren't real votes or were votes of a lesser quality or that they should count for less or mean less or something.  And that something is nothing good.  And, remember, the people saying that believe they are the true heirs of the civil rights left.  

What the hell is wrong with the guys saying stuff like that?   They're willing to throw the country into the Trumpster out of a fit of pique because most voters aren't going along with their choice.  


  1. Hillary can only win in the south with non-white voters. But don't say "Bernie so white". Because that's insulting.

    1. I can't believe that Bernie Sanders must be cringing when he hears some of his supporters. I just wish he'd be clear that they should cut that stuff out.