Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Psychics Are Welcome - Hate Mail on a Day I'm Too Busy To Write

I'd rather post the comments of someone who identifies themselves as a psychic to one whose comments expose himself as a liar.  And considering where the ass is posting his snarky comment, at a blog where one of his fellow regulars has continually self-identified herself as a Witch, to no snarky comments by him or the other regulars (now that their resident Britatheist bully has stopped snarking about the "old religion") it's rather rich for him to be trying to make something of it. Maybe he's afraid she'll put a hex on him.  If she could cast one to get him to stop lying I'd encourage her to try. 

I'm entirely happy to post the comments of anyone, psychic or not, as long as they follow the rules of not libeling other commentators, not spreading bigotry, and, as importantly, not lying.  


  1. Thank you for your words of support, I appreciate it.

    (I do practice witchcraft too, but I'm in too kind of a mood to hex anyone at the moment. ;-) )

  2. I'm not opposed to Witches, I was just noting one of the trolls here doesn't diss the Witch at the blog he infests. Witches who want to post here are welcome too, anyone who follows the rules is.