Thursday, November 19, 2015

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Neo-Darwinism As A Tool of Neo-Nazis

I think that these pieces are important in that they document the use by neo-Nazis of Darwinism and its developments in Sociobiology and Evolutionary Psychology.  What some of the critics of those two innovations of the 1970s call "ultra-Darwinism", with complete justification.   All of the developments of Natural Selection are based in the concept of adaptations and maladaptations, producing individuals which are more "fit" the very basis of Darwin's theory.  That along with his assertion that the deaths of groups of people, on the basis of disability and of class and ethnicity will render the surviving population superior to what it would have been had they and their children lived, is useful to Nazism and its related genocidal political ideas.  That is and should be admitted to be true beyond any possibly acceptable, allegedly rational,  allegedly honest denial.

It should be obvious from the survival and even intensification of those aspects of Darwinian Natural Selection in the 70s, and the adoption of the results by Dr. William L. Pierce*, the neo-Nazi with, likely, the strongest background in science, as well as the scientific racists who William Pierce cited such as the psychologist Arthur Jensen and his fellow physicist, the Nobel Laureate, William Shockley.   I can't say that I'm looking forward to combing through the apparently volumenous writing of William Pierce and other neo-Nazis, white supremacists, scientific racists and current eugenicists but I will be doing that to see how that use and proposed application of Natural Selection continues, seventy years after the revelation of the Nazi's scientifically operated death industry.

If someone as influential to contemporary mass killers as Timothy McVeigh and Dylan Roof used that idea to inspire his would be followers, here and elsewhere in the world, that makes it important to understand it. And those are only two of the killers who William Pierce is either known to have or is strongly suspected to have inspired.  And that is only the officially seedy, the safely regraded low-class, "blue collar" presence of Natural Selection in proposed application today.  That idea is also used by the clean-handed academics to promote their own racism that is as important.  Eugenics never died, it just went underground.  Francis Crick shared that in common with William Pierce, he was one of Arthur Jensen's champions among his fellow scientists, writing letters soliciting support for Jensen and his scientific racism, and there are few figures more respectable in post-war science than Francis Crick.  It is the idea behind so much of today's petty racism by big name columnists in the New York Times and The Washington Post and other reputable venues of opinion and alleged fact.  I can almost guarantee you that you will hear some such scientific classification of different groups on alleged differences in mental faculties, abilities or alleged traits on NPR, it's always all over the web.  I think it's important to point out what such thinking has in common with that of William L. Pierce.  The history of the past century certainly should have taught us that, by now.

* He styled himself Dr. Pierce on the basis of the doctorate granted to him by his fellow scientists and I think it's important to remember that his diseased thinking was no impediment to his scientific career until he chose to leave science to pursue hate politics full time.

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