Saturday, November 14, 2015

An Item From The Atheist Blog Bully's Favorite Whine List

Freki-JR, I know it's something you can't fathom but I'm not required to post comments if I choose not to and I don't choose to post comments that are free of content and merely contain juvenile insults against someone else who posts adult level commentary here.  

You've got Duncan's Kolle'g of Konventional Knowledge for that.   As I pointed out a few days ago, his decision to post your kind of dribble has driven out the adults from his blog.  I looked at the comments there from a couple of years ago as well as today, the other day and it's obvious that some of even the few relatively adult voices who could still take it then have since stopped commenting at Eschaton.  His choice to service the angry 12-year-old mentality among his commentators has resulted in what it's become.  

Update:  Now that we've identified the bizarre atheist habit of not seeing what they don't want to see, I'm working on that other symptom of their pathology that insists on reducing information to an absurd form that is created to serve their ideology instead of what it says.   They use that to distort any attempt to look at the complexity of issues in real life into some self-serving, predetermined cartoon slogan.  In short, I'll post Sims latest rant when it serves a wider purpose than just refuting it.   It doesn't serve his purpose in trying to understand why a country might be attacked instead of countries that haven't been chosen for attack.  Especially as it serves his hatred of Arabs. 


  1. I would assume who that insult was aimed at, but then JR-Freki would use it as another excuse to complain about the beam reflected in my eye.

    Best I can tell, JR-Freki doesn't like any comments or blog posts anywhere on the internet which don't accord with JR-Freki's rigid opinions about and view of the world. Sorry the world is not seamless extension of JR-Freki, but there we are.

    Don't really care who the insults were aimed at, either. The world is a bad enough place (witness Paris) without impotent venomous spews being propounded ad nauseum on the internet. After all, we have the GOP Presidential campaign for that, and most of us could do without that, too.

  2. "Now that we've identified the bizarre atheist habit of not seeing what they don't want to see, ..."

    What you mean "we", white man?

    Incidentally, why do you keep calling me an atheist? I'm not. I'm a lapsed agnostic who used to not know and now doesn't give a shit. Also -- remember when atheists blew up all those abortion clinics and the government building in Oklahoma City?

    Me neither.