Monday, September 28, 2015

Blithering Brain Trustifarians At Noon

QL, honey, if you're going to comment on something I write, at least read what I wrote.  It doesn't really reflect any kind of  higher intelligence to take a passage as clipped by Steve Simels as reliably indicating the context that gives it meaning.  I know you guys over there are allergic to anything longer than three sentences but, really, some arguments take a few more than that to be made.  You might have gotten a clue from the qualifier, "as given by Reuters", earlier in the article I questioned its accuracy or completeness.  But you'd have to, you know, have read it to know that.

Really, Simels.  You're going to take what the Ann Coulter of Escahton says as accurate.

As for his comment that lead me to read yours,

Steve Simels, blog malignancy  SkepticTank • 3 hours ago
these guys really, truly, are fascists who speak English and who 
actually hold political offices, here and now promoted on the Murdoch 
family of companies. This is what watching Family Guy and 24 pays for.

If he's ever watched a movie made at any time in its history by 20th Century Fox, then objectively he's a Nazi.

He must forget his perennial accusation made against me that I don't watch movies, which he apparently considers a mortal sin.

R. McGeddon" believes Shakespeare in Love is a "bio-pic". 

Here's a clue, numbnuts -- in terms of genre, it IS a bio-pic. You may think it's not factually accurate, but that's irrelevant. It's like saying that you believe STAGE COACH is a quote " western" unquote.

On the other hand, given that you don't watch movies its no wonder that on the subject you have no idea what you're talking about.

It could be said, with complete confidence, that I've never paid to watch a 20th Century Fox movie since Rupert Murdoch bought the company because I've been to see exactly one movie in a theater since then, the tail end of the first run of Hairspray, which was from New Line Cinema, I believe under Warner Bros. though maybe Simps would know something about that, at least.  Though he does think that things that are entirely made up constitute "biography" so maybe he'd just make that up too.   An inability to discern reality from fiction seems to account for a lot of what he says.

I don't watch FOX, I didn't even before I gave up TV when they switched to HD or even before that when I realized cable was a huge rip-off, certainly not in any form that would put money into Murdoch's pocket so people like Tucker Carlson can put the neo-Neues Volk thinking of the mayor of Lewiston, Maine on TV.   I have watched pirated clips of neo-fascist content in some of FOX entertainment programming of the kind Simels goes nuts about when someone criticizes it and its "news" programming, often as clipped by the competition at MSNBC and the Comedy Channel so I know what they're doing before I comment on it.  Maybe you'd like to try that kind of thing before you comment on things.

Update:  Literally every, single thing in "Shakespeare in Love" was fiction, even calling the guy "Shakespeare" which he never managed to sign his name as in any of the examples supposedly of his writing that are extant.

Willm Shakp
William Shaksper
Wm Shakspe
William Shakspere
Willm Shakspere
By me William Shakspeare

Every, single thing in the movie is pure invention.  It's easy to know that because the list of verifiable facts about Willaim Shaksper is short and other than his marriage to his wife, the birth of his children, the death of his son and a few personal odds and ends, everything else is a hodge podge of pedestrian business dealings and lawsuits.   There isn't enough to make up an absorbing narrative about an accountant out of it.   Given his inability to write his own name consistently or legibly I'd say that even the assertion that he ever wrote anything else is fiction.  I wonder how many of the writers in history even those who didn't use standardized spelling managed to mangle their own signature that badly, even on different pages of the same document.

No, you didn't even have to see that one to know it was fiction, not biography.

Update 2:  That's called, "Hanging by a thread while twisting in the wind" Sims.  Only in your case it's more like hanging with a thread.


  1. " I don't watch movies, which he apparently considers a mortal sin. "

    You've got far more serious sins to atone for, Sparky. But yes, it offends me when you go on about movies or TV shows you've never watched. For some reason, that seems like rather uninformed opinion.

    1. What movies would those be? Make a list of the ones I've gone on about which I've never watched.

      I can list which of my blog posts you've lied about, every one you've ever commented on.

      It's no wonder poor Duncan gave up as the literate folk left his blog leaving it to you guys.

  2. " Make a list of the ones I've gone on about which I've never watched. "

    That would be all of them, you simple son of a bitch.

    1. In short, you can't do it because I never have done that. I've never "gone on" about a movie I've never seen because it wouldn't interest me to do that. You, on the other hand, lie about things read or unread. It's what you do.

  3. You went on about 24, and I guarantee you've never watched a single episode. And if you claim you have, everyone will know you're full of shit, so don't even bother.

  4. Still not sure why you argue with someone who hasn't a clue what "bio-pic" means.

    I can write a fictional story about Napoleon Bonaparte and get it made into a major motion picture, but it's still, at best, "historical fiction." It's not a "bio-pic" just because Bonaparte is an historical figure.

    The film version of "War and Peace" has never been mistaken for a bio-pic; although maybe it has, by certain persons. But that doesn't make them right.

    1. I figure if the materialists want to hand me material I should look on it as all being material.

      I'm tempted to write a treatment where he is the one who does something even he would find repugnant and posting it but I've, so far been led out of that temptation.

    2. Yeah, I understand.

      What I don't understand is the stubbornness to keep insisting "Shakepspeare i Love" is a "bio-pic."

    3. I remember when I was in college I was trying to figure out how another student could be so stupid, my roommate's advice was "Try thinking less hard." It has, sometimes, worked. Though in this case I think it's probably a common habit of thinking he shares with fans of Palin and Glenn Beck, figuring if he can pretend it's how he'd like it to be that means he wins.