Sunday, September 6, 2015

As I'm Headed Out The Door For The Family Picknic

Oh, mercy.  This is just too good to not post.  For those of you unfamiliar with the standards of intellectual activity at the Brain Trust.

Fiction Is Truth!

R. McGeddon" believes Shakespeare in Love is a "bio-pic". 

Here's a clue, numbnuts -- in terms of genre, it IS a bio-pic. You may think it's not factually accurate, but that's irrelevant. It's like saying that you believe STAGE COACH is a quote " western" unquote.

On the other hand, given that you don't watch movies its no wonder that on the subject you have no idea what you're talking about.

Simps, according to you I could make up any old thing I wanted to about you and it would constitute your "biography", so long as I put it on video, perhaps. So, how many 14-year-old cousins of yours have you married?   How about I ask Ben Stein to play you in the film? 


  1. "I Walk the Line" was a bio-pic. "Ray" was a bio-pic. Were they accurate histories? No.

    But "Shakespeare in Love" was completely fanciful, right down to Elizabeth coming to the Globe theater to approve of Shakespeare and his mistress/actress. You could more accurately label the genre of that movie "Fantasy."

    It's too fanciful to even be "historical fiction." Fun movie, but "bio-pic"? Only if the term has no meaning at all.

  2. SiL is a drama and romance. Biopics are not documentaries, but they aren't wholly fanciful as SiL is.

  3. So I've just watched an episode of a show on PBS, "Arthur and George," about a completely fictitious event in the life of Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle.

    But Sir Arthur is real, and it's about his life (fictionally), so it must be a "bio-pic."

    Who knew?

  4. The Ten Commandments is a bio-pic, right? Ben Hur? Song of the South?

  5. It's amazing how credulous the "reality community" is when you dress it up in costumes, put in a few production values and don't upset the conventional wisdom as opposed to documented fact. The "unreality community" does the same thing, only it's another conventional wisdom that they like to see supported as opposed to other documented fact.