Friday, August 28, 2015

Not Hate Mail

Yeah, I know, it does cheapen the tone here when I answer Simels and the other Eschatots, it's a bad habit.  I wasn't exactly what you'd call a scrappy kid, I was too small and skinny for that, but I got really good at using my mind and mouth instead.   I try to keep it to a minimum number of times per month, trying to act like a grown up.  I'll probably cut back on even that as any time I have to spend wading through the descriptions of what they had for dinner, low-brow TV shows, the same old, same old stuff about geezer pop and the present day repeaters of the same stuff and the common received wisdom of moderny and sciencey mid-brow level education is a waste of time.  It all takes time from things that are new and interesting, a lot of which was old and interesting and entirely misrepresented. As I've learned from the past dozen years of looking at blogs and online mags, it's that it's mostly  a way of those without enough responsibilities and worries and supervision at work to waste time. That's nothing political change is going to be made of.  It would have worked if that were the case.

Really, I should have known that was what they were doing long before I did,  I mean, I'd read The Sneetches to my nieces and nephews decades before I ever looked at Eschaton.   The star-bellies are welcome to pay for what they get there.

No reason the rest of us should buy it.

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