Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hate Mail - Let Me Guess, You're Another Eminent Though Pseudonymous Scientist With A High "h score"

Well, bunky, look at this from what pseudo-skeptics might like to consider their very own Watch Tower, Nature.

A physics paper with 5,154 authors has — as far as anyone knows — broken the record for the largest number of contributors to a single research article.

Only the first nine pages in the 33-page article, published on 14 May in Physical Review Letters1, describe the research itself — including references. The other 24 pages list the authors and their institutions.

The article is the first joint paper from the two teams that operate ATLAS and CMS, two massive detectors at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, Europe’s particle-physics lab near Geneva, Switzerland. Each team is a sprawling collaboration involving researchers from dozens of institutions and countries.

I wasn't even mentioning the most extreme case, yesterday.  From what I gather, the person who contributed the least got the same amount added to their "h score" as the person who contributed the most to the production of that paper.  I would wonder if some of the unnamed janitorial personnel might not have actually contributed more to the effort than some of the scientists.

And, as I've pointed out before...

The combined 4.9 sigma result reported for the Higgs boson is hailed as a stunning achievement that took trillions of recorded events, billions of dollars, and thousands of scientists. 

By contrast, several classes of combined psi effects already provide empirical results that are much, much greater than 5 sigma, with hardly any funding and a few handfuls of scientists working the problem. 

I will bet the critical watching over every aspect of psi research, the number of eyes looking for any flaw in experimental technique and statistical analysis is probably as great and likely greater than that which watches over the work done at the LCH.  The critics of such research are so exigent that they are always inventing new and absurd standards for that research that no other science, so-called, social or the most rigorously physical, has ever been subjected to it.  As I've also pointed out, some of the scientists who have had parallel careers in pseudo-skepticism and neo-atheism have been among those who demand that their "science" be exempted from any kind of rigorous testing at all.  Entire sciences that can never have physical confirmation of any kind flourish like late medieval, Ptolemaic astronomy, some of which don't even achieve the level of physical verification that those derided folk believed they needed to be believed.  At least they knew what they were talking about, in a lot of cases, existed.

Update 2:   Hate Mail - Sophistication c. 2015 means denying the truths we were first told when we were between one and two years old.

It's easy enough to understand, we expect three year olds to understand it.    Feces and the anus inevitably and in every case contain some very pathogenic organisms in those without additional ones added by such things as hepatitis, HIV, and any number of other less typical members of the rectal flora and fauna.  That's one of the reason you were taught not to touch what was in your diaper, never mind not sharing it with other people.  Doing so during sex does not make all of those things go away, they are a FACT OF LIFE.

Are you people both stupid and crazy or is it all one or the other?   Anal sex endangers the health of those who engage in it, at the very least a condom lessens the dangers, even that doesn't reduce them to nothing but the history of the AIDs epidemic and what we've seen in its aftermath, where even before anti-retroviral combination therapy made the worst of it seem to go away for the affluent and educated people, there were those even in that group who were advertising unprotected sex, even within prostitution where the people involved were routinely involved with high-risk sex every day.

I have come to the conclusion that all high risk sex should be uniformly discouraged because people have proven too immature to use condoms and dental dams, even with prostitutes who are at the highest risk of infection.  There are other forms of sex that are virtually risk free such as frottage, you'd think that educated, sophisticated people would consider that to be the smart thing to do.  That they don't only goes to show how overrated both education and sophistication are in the real world. 

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