Thursday, August 13, 2015

Franklin Graham Being An Ass

Franklin Graham is a good example of clergy who work overtime to give Christianity a bad name.   He regularly gets on TV or radio and says stupid stuff to try to generate buzz for his brand among his target audience but which gets the God-haters even more buzz.   He's been on FOX to promote a guaranteed-to-be-ignored boycott of Target for removing gender labels from children's products.  Apparently he thinks peoples' gender identities are so fragile that they need the store to tell them which things are for boys and which are for girls.   Of course his implication is that without that they'll all go LGBT, or, more to the point, the boys will all go gay. That's what they're really concerned with.   But why restrict the gender assignment to the relatively few areas in which those are given?   Why not make it a requirement to avoid boycott by the followers of the Graham dynasty of clerics that all things sold be assigned gender labels for all ages?   Hers and his office equipment, balls of string, everything would turn into an opportunity to reinforce gender roles?

And, while we're at it, he could insist that they paint over all of those pictures of God the Father that such folk as Michelangelo painted  where he's wearing pink.

And that Mary be given the Straight Eye make over, as she's so often shown wearing the boy's color.

Or, maybe, just maybe, someone could point out that Franklin Graham is violating the rules of his profession that Jesus set [Luke 9:3] every time he puts on his custom made suit and expensive shoes to preach such nonsense at the world?   Franklin Graham is a living example just the kind of phony preacher that was warned about in the Gospels, leading people astray into a life time of bigotry, hatred, resentment and violence.

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