Wednesday, July 29, 2015

More On The Idiotic Statement That The Black Church Supports White Supremacy

James Cone is the living theologian who speaks most strongly to me.   When I talk about Christianity it is the Christianity that he talks about, most of all. which I mean.  Its authentic character grows with everything I hear him say, everything by him I read.

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  1. He starts off addressing MLK as a theologian, which is a fine place to start. Then he addresses the "white Jesus." Another good place to start. Add Malcolm X, you have a fine place for addressing real theological issues.

    Of course, the screamers on the internet will say Cone is not a "real Christian," because he's not a fundamentalist focussed on salvation and abortion.

    And still, Salon (and even ThinkProgress, et al.) think they are 'radical.' 20 minutes of Dr. Cone, and they'd all be howling. "When you see a lynched black body, that's who God is."

    Imagine reading that on a "Progressive" website. Or Crooked Timber, which prides itself on its academic knowledge. Heh.

    Ah, well.....