Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hate Mai...... Oh, Heck, Here This Is More Interesting And Won't Take Up More Than About Five Minutes Of Your Time

William Bolcolm - 60 Second Ballet (for chickens)

Guy Livingston - piano

From Guy Livingston's album of purpose commissioned one-minute (more or less) pieces for piano, most by composers I'd never heard of before.   I love listening to new music I've never heard and like nothing I've never heard before.

Here, a few more, now with movies!

Music by Alvin Curran
Film by Newt Hinton

Music by David Jaggerd
Animation by Juan de Graaf

Film by Newt Hinton
Score composed by Robert Strizich 

Music by Bongani Ndodana
Performed by Guy Livingston

I'd better stop.  They're addictive.  

Encore:   For Fred Astaire

Music by Werner Heider
Film by Nelleke Koop

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