Saturday, June 6, 2015

George Lakey - Why Quakers are Pacifists

The book he mentions sounds interesting, if I have time I'll try to find it and read it.  That chart about the varying success rates of regime change struggles, between the peaceful means being successful and the violent ones being unsuccessful match what I read of the history of revolutions to make governments that aren't at least as bad as those which were replaced.   Revolution isn't an especially successful means of making better governments.

I do believe the adage that peace is the fruit of justice, including economic justice.  That the recent Egyptian revolution led to an election that put the Muslim Brotherhood in power, a group that, while not being anything like advocates of gender equality, had been one of the main venues of economic aid to poor Egyptians as the government serviced the rich.  As its overthrow and the installation of a pseudo-democratic military despotism shows, partial "equality" doesn't produce a peaceful, democratic government.   I think the conditions that make peaceful revolution possible might account for the statistical results claiming that success for it.   Just being non-violent isn't enough, it has to include struggle for real, effective, experienced economic and social equality and equality in gender, racial, ethnic and other relevant identities.

"The effect of righteousness will be peace, and the result of righteousness will be quietness and confidence forever."  Isaiah 32:17

Still, with that reservation, I agree with what he says in the video.

Update:  NTodd has provided a link to a paper which is related to the book.  I will read it sometime the coming week.


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  2. BTW, this is the study he's alluding to (presumably now available in book form):