Monday, May 4, 2015

Skizzierung Macht Frei

Here we go again, idiots draw pictures of Muhammad to offend Muslims, apparently Muslims are offended and some of the most militant of Muslims - apparently - take violent action and people get killed hurt and killed.  Actually, considering the blatancy of the provocation it's surprising more people haven't been killed, yet.   Oh, yeah, and the American haters led by the American queen of anti-Muslim hate, Pam Geller, imported the Dutch hate-talker-politician Geert Wilders to draw attention to their provocative event.

Having gone into that phenomenon rather exhaustively  during the Charlie Hebdo incident, I'm going to just raise the question of the motives of these people.  Clearly for Geller, she wants to attract support and I am certain, money to her hate group and, I suspect, to herself, there being no chance that she will ever be a political force on her own in the United States.  That she's willing to risk lives to do it is obvious in 2015, what with the numerous incidents that those kinds of stunts have already been.  That is obvious.  Her stunt was most likely to get people killed or maimed in Islamic majority countries, where Christians, Jews, liberal and moderate Muslims  must tremble with fear for their lives as her like exercise their "freedom" here, but also in other places.   "Drawing makes Free" should be the slogan of her effort.

That a creepy racist politician like Geert Wilders hopes to turn hate into political power is as obvious, I believe his hate party holds a quarter of the seats in the Dutch government.  Though from my reading this morning it would seem his attempt with the French fascist, Marie Le Pen, to form an alliance with quasi-fascist parties in other European countries fizzled this time.   This time.

I think it will turn out that this kind of thing can't be allowed without a huge cost in the lives of people, harm to people and a resultant oppression, damaging all other rights on behalf of some of the stupidest, most vilely intended "free speech".  It's certainly the intention of the likes of Geller and Wilders to deprive Muslims here and in Holland of rights, that's the entire intention of the effort to provoke a response from Muslims in this way.  That's their goal, or at least their road to their real goal of political power or, failing that, getting attention and raising money for their hate group.

Update:  Yeah, I meant the Nazi implication.  Sue me.

Update 2:  Hate Mail:  "...... fucking Christians"

Uh, Pam Geller happens to be Jewish of the type who call other Jews anti-semites.  I  believe Wilders is an atheist but I'm not sure of that.  Using bigotry to promote bigotry is promoting bigotry.

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