Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bela Bartok - Spring from 27 Choruses for Children or Women's Voices

Women of the Pecs Chamber Choir
Aurell Talai - conductor


The swallow is a beautiful bird and beautifully he sings
In the morning when the dew and falls off the branches
The young skylark rips the sky with its wings
Sings marvelously  and treads on sunbeams

All animals rejoice the little birds awake to life
In the dawn full of pearly dew the little birds flock
The flowers open, the grasses are fragrant in the meadow

The spring wind blows, the farmer goes to plow
yokes his oxen and surely tills the soil
He does his work and turns the furrows well.

His Majesty, God blesses him
and sustains the plowman and his work
It is He who works the plow and sickle
And all the farmer's tools.
He disposes over life on Earth and salvation in heaven.

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