Saturday, November 15, 2014

Wood Cutting Day So A Science Video

Been cutting up the firewood that I didn't get to before,  a light snowfall in November concentrates the mind wonderfully.

It might come as a surprise to some readers but I am addicted to watching the Periodic Table of Videos, videos.  Here's a new one about seaborgium,

I especially like what the presenter says about the necessity of actually checking theories against what can be observed in nature, even in regard to these incredibly short lived, entirely artificial elements.   It's something that would seem to be unfashionable in some branches of physics and biology, these days.   Perhaps that has something to do with why this, what I'm told is the most popular appearance of the science of chemistry on the internet, is so worthwhile watching as so many cosmologists, physicists and biologists are spending their time pretending they know something about theology for an audience of superstitious, scientistic atheists.   Or maybe it's just that the culture of chemistry hasn't strayed so far from the actual methods and goals of science.

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