Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Big News The Week of the Election Debacle

Call me skeptical but I doubt a magazine which is currently telling me why I should even know who Lena Dunham is, never mind that I should care about her Honey Boo Boo level publicity moves, fodder for just such publicity buzz generators, will ever do anything much to make positive political change.  

Did anyone know who Lena Dunham was before she talked about looking into her baby sister's vagina and dying her hair green?  Really, who notices people who die their hair green anymore? I'd never heard of her before this week.  I mean, Salon, really?  Four "Most Read" stories about Lena Dunham?  


  1. I think they went well beyond four, actually.

    The last one finally blamed Dunham for all the criticism her memoir was receiving from a tiny portion of the intertoobs. They had run out of things to say about the controversy, so they blamed the victim.

    It's something of a pattern at Salon.

  2. I think that, by law, no one under the age of seventy should be allowed to write a memoir.