Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Very Ill

When I'm sick I sometimes get around to watching various dvds that friends send me.  I've got a Canadian friend who thinks I don't get enough Canadian culture - as compared to most Staters? I ask him.  He has sent me various self-recorded Canadian TV series.  I've watched all of the wonderful Republic of Doyle from them, except the last season which hasn't aired yet.  I love to hear a Newfoundland accent and the local dialect of what might be English.  I've also watched the good but far more mixed Cracked, which I was sad to read had been canceled due to government cutbacks at the CBC.   I really like the actors, especially the lead David Sutcliffe, one of those guys who is so good looking it makes me wish I were a decade and a half younger and Canadian.   And I'm watching the very dry humor of Corner Gas, a half hour sit-com that takes part mostly in the gas station-store and associated lunch place in Dog River Saskatchewan.   Say whatever you will, I have never seen another series set in a small town in Saskatchewan.  I like it.  Really, Canada isn't the United States, at least I hope it isn't yet, though the Harper government seems to be doing its best to make it so. 

One of the things I learned from it is in the opening song which begins "You can tell me that your dog ran away.  And then you tell me that it took three days.  I've heard every joke...."  Well, it took me a lot more than three times hearing that to understand the joke, having lived my entire life in hills and woods where the flattest place I've ever seen is the farm belt in south-central Maine.   Even there a dog could run away in a quarter of an hour, here, about two minutes.   I didn't get it until they made a joke about the vistas of sameness that apparently the prairie can look like.  Oh, now I get the joke, I said to my dog.  But that will get me on terrier humor and that's really an acquired taste. 

It's funnier after you've taken a couple of Benadryl.   No, he's not the kind of Canadian who records every hockey game and rewatches them like a brain dead, superannuated hipster watches old Seinfeld recordings.  

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  1. I'm embarrassed to note that, in my response to your post entitled, "Still Ill," I confined myself to pontificating on Mr. Justice Holmes, without even a cursory, "I hope you get better."

    I do hope you get to feeling better.

    I am always surprised how even amicable discussion on the net lacks the ordinary decencies we accord one another in ordinary talk.