Thursday, July 10, 2014

I Don't Get This. I'm Supposed To Be Upset That Governments Spy on Each Other?

Apparently, from what's filtering into my in-box, I'm supposed to be upset that Hillary Clinton has ruled out a "no-spy" agreement with other countries, in which the United States government promised to not spy on other governments.  Of course, since spying is supposed to happen in secret, a successful spy operation on the other government would be undetected and since it is usually illegal to spy on the secret activities of a government in that country, any such "no-spy" agreement wouldn't be worth the ink on the paper it was printed on.   

I don't believe for a second that Germany, Brazil and other countries which are officially in a swivet about U.S. spying on their governments don't spy on the United States government, corporation and private citizens as they deem worthy of spying on. 

Of course the reason this is big news is because His Glenness revealed what his source, Edward Snoweden, told us about the U.S. spying on Angela Merkel.  In other words, we know about this because Snowden was spying on the United States government - he claims that's why he took the job with the NSA - Bush- Cheney Spy Families connected contractor, to spy on the NSA but we're supposed to be horrified when it's our government spying on other governments and their leaders.  So, private entrepreneur spying from Edward Snowden is, somehow, morally pure and good but government spying is always wrong?   Otherwise, where would His Glenness get the stuff he's peddling?

The play-left is riding on a hobby horse called MASSIVE LOGICAL DISCONNECT on this one. That there are legitimate problems with the government spying on its own citizens, especially those engaged in challenging the military-industrial-university-etc. complex, is no reason to go nuts in such a self-discrediting way.   No serious person in the world who thought about it would want their own country to stop spying on other governments and non-governmental actors and groups that could have a seriously bad effect on other people.  No government in the world will ever stop doing that and last for very long.   No one who pretends to not understand that deserves to be taken seriously. 

Grow the hell up.

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