Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What Don't These "Brights" Get About Their Intention To Offend People?

Jim Reed  Anthony_McCarthy • 9 hours ago
This is an asymmetrical battle. Catholics have nothing to gain and much to lose. The Satanist side has nothing to lose and they can make a point. The Catholics are prisoners to their own feeling of importance. They lost at the point where they took the disrespect shown them by the Satanists, and did what they could to apply pressure and shut them down. From the Satanist point of view it doesn't matter if they are shut down because the point has already been made, so they have already won, and they didn't even need to hold their meeting. Some of the Catholics can see the problem, and wish it could have been worked out differently, but there is nothing they can do. Those on the attack won't get it, and if there is any more conflict like this they will dig themselves in deeper. They see their religion as more important, and something they must fight to protect, and that blinds them to what they are doing.

Anthony_McCarthy  Jim Reed • 34 minutes ago
The point is a bunch of atheists who are calling themselves "Satanists" purposely do something to offend Catholics and Catholics do the rational thing, they are offended. Then the atheist-"Satanists" whine that the people they intended to offend were offended. The Catholics didn't shut them down, they protested the offense and someone else decided they'd rather not be part of offending a large number of people so they shut them down.

Let me repeat, kid, if you decide to intentionally offend someone they are entirely within their right to have the reaction you intended and they have the right to do something about it. The Catholics did nothing wrong in this, they did what anyone has a right to do, defend themselves. That you don't get that is only proof that you're not as "Bright" as people like Daniel Dennett have told you you are.

This much is clear about how internet atheists think.  When people react to their offensive behavior in a way to protest the offense or to defend themselves against the offense, the online atheist's brilliant response is


The temptation is to point out that they're twelve.  But I think that's giving them too much credit.   They're about four. 

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