Sunday, February 2, 2014

First I looked for Sheila Jordan videos and found one with her singing with the wonderful bassist, Gildas Boclé.  Looking for Gildas Boclé videos, I found his trio with his brother, the wonderful vibes and keyboard player Jean Baptiste Boclé and the wonderful drummer Simon Bernier.  Looking for more Gildas Boclé I found out about the wonderful and original guitarist, Nelson Veras.  Looking for more Nelson Veras I've found out about the wonderful trumpet player Airelle Besson and a bunch of others who I'll probably be tracking down as well.  None of whom I'd known of before this past month except Sheila Jordan.

When You Cough

Airelle Besson : tpt
Nelson Veras : gt
Hubert Dupont : b
Youssef Hbeisch : perc

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