Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Scene On the 13th Day of Christmas 

X:  So, Christmas is gone by again.
Y : Yeah.
X:  Kind of sad in a way.
Y: Yeah, not like my Aunt's place, it's like Christmas every day where she is.
X: Oh come on, every day?
Y:  Yeah, every day of the year. 
X:  Always festive and jolly? 
Y:  No, not especially.
X:  She's really generous and giving?
Y:  No,  To tell you the truth she's kind of stingy.
X:  (getting a little annoyed)  Well, what's so Christmasy about her place then?
Y:  She lives in town.
X:  She lives in town? 
Y:  Yeah, she's got town water.
X: What's that got to do with it?
Y:  Well, duh!  No Well!  

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