Sunday, December 22, 2013

Jeff Jacoby Has Grabbed More Than His Fair Share of Stupid

There must be a law of nature that if there is something stupid to be said, Jeff Jacoby will say it.   Well, he won't have said it first.  By the time that the Boston Globe's resident conservative crank has said it, it will be commonly said by other right wingers.  His latest column is a "we told you so" about the slippery slope that gay marriage has provided for polygamists.  

Of course the polygamists in question don't want gay marriage, they want more than their fair share of straight marriages, for the man.  For the women, they want less than their fair share, a mere fraction of a marriage to one man.   I hold that there is a fundamental difference between marriage between one eligible adult and one other eligible adult and polygamy, no one should have the chance to make more than one person miserable at the same time and no one person should be allowed the chance to be made miserable by more than one person at a time, within the bonds of matrimony.

So the slippery slope wasn't provided by gay marriage, it was provided by heterosexual marriage, as can be seen, whenever polygamy has been allowed, gay marriage was either unrecognized or banned.   Mormons, for whom polygamy was an actual issue in the United States, leading to the ban on polygamy, there was never any issue of a man being married to more than one man and certainly no lesbian variation on that theme.

Jeff Jacoby has never been a very logical or deep thinker but this is so stupid that I'm surprised that even by the extremely lax standards of the Boston Globe's "opinion journalists"  no one pointed out that this was one of his lazier and stupider columns.  But the Globe ain't what used to be back when a family that valued journalism owned it.  That is especially true under the disgusting quasi-Herald style regime of Brian McGrory.   And I didn't think it could get worse than it was under the ownership and cannibalistic regime of the New York Times corp.

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  1. The court in Utah didn't rule that Utah must allow polygamous marriages. The ruling was simply that bigamy could not be a criminal offense.

    You can marry two men or two women in Utah. You just can't to go jail for it. I assume Utah would recognize one marriage as legitimate, the other not. What this does to property division and child support, I know not.