Saturday, February 2, 2013

More Fun With Dialectical Materialism

When I sent yesterday's post to a friend who then looked up the SWP, the "Socialist" Workers Party,  he recommended the Wikipedia article, saying it was a perfect example of what I was talking about.

While it's Wiki and, therefore, of unknowable accuracy, it seems plausible as a history typical of the communist presence in the United States in all of their "scientific" self-important silliness, impotent uselessness, baroque factionalism, adolescent and entirely non-idealistic jockeying for dominance, petty jealousy,  and just about complete failure to do a single thing other than those.   The parts about the various attempts at infiltrating and taking over various groups, including, disastrously, actual unions, is typical of communist groups.  I can think of nothing that would have hindered unions more than becoming wound up with the eternal, divisive idiocy of the communist parties.  "Union makes us strong" has not been the practice of the communists at any point in their history.

You can read it for yourself and ask yourself what sane person, looking at that kind of stuff wouldn't conclude those people were nut cases.   Look at what they're up to today, no, what they're talking, not doing.  They don't do much else.  They've learned nothing from the lessons of their own history, odd where their "scientific" view of history has led them.

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