Friday, June 24, 2011

On Being Disreputable

After five years of being told that what I've said is beyond the bounds of ... something, they're hardly ever specific, and that I'm just awful, I've decided to go with that.

I began blogging in 2006, during the Bush II regime trying to figure out what liberals and the left were doing wrong. Why did the side that had the facts on their side lose over and over again? That led me to raise critical questions that were bound to anger a lot of liberals and leftists even as what I said would also anger conservatives. What is wrong with liberalism is that it is an ineffective and often counterproductive response to oligarchic fascism. There, you see, I just used the "F" word, a good, NPR listening liberal would say I've just lost. Only I refuse to play by the stupidly accepted rules of propriety that govern liberal political and moral discourse. The oligarchs depend on such stupid, lazy, liberal scrupulosity.

That failure is due to the class aspirations of professional liberals and those just beneath them on the treadmill of financial reward and fame by which they are rewarded for being innocuous opponents to the stinking rich, taking up the time and attention that could go to a real opposition which could do real damage to them. That includes many of the iconic figures of official liberalism who have been a blight on the real struggle for equality and justice, it includes many of the most august of liberal institutions that produce those aristocratic icons. If you take too hard a look at them and question their obvious motives in producing liberal impotence you upset many people. I intend to upset those people. My allegiance is to the dirtiest and most distasteful of poor folks, who are the victims of the psychological soma spewed at them by the media, it is to those who have been deprived of an education and who are seen as disposable by soft-handed liberals of the kind who might get asked on TV or NPR.

Being comfortable with being a pariah, a state that comes naturally to me as a gay man from working people, I don't care that what I say is bound to be considered as not allowed. I do, though, understand there are others who aren't as comfortable with that status. So, I will not be posting a list of favorite bloggers or other sites. I certainly will not be having ads for reasons I'll detail later. I may solicit donations in the future, even the undeserving poor need to eat, we must get used to asking. I intend to be as underservingly poor as was imagined by Oscar Wilde and as outrageously insistent on facing the most inconvenient and uncomfortable reality of intentional liberal failure as Marilynne Robinson in her great, ignored essay, Mother Country.

I intend to do everything I can to upset lazy liberals, snobs, class bigots and anyone else I think deserves it as the arguments against them come to me. I will upset a lot of the people I should officially agree with because our comfortable agreement isn't the goddamned point of it, it's nothing as compared to people eating and living and having joy in their lives in a sustainable environment. Because the creation of stupid, illogical rules of thought and discourse is one of the most common venues of intentional liberal self-defeat and surrender to evil. There, did you notice, I've said the "E" word. I will be going through the entire alphabetical lexicon of forbidden thought by the time I'm done. What I won't do is surrender on total political and social equality, on economic leveling as being the goal. I won't be fair to fascists, I won't be nice to Nazis. I will not give the privileged another benefit of any doubt. They've got the elitist liberals for that.

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