Friday, April 6, 2018

If Lies Prevail They Will Rule Us And The Billionaires Are Counting On That, So Is The Majority on the Supreme Court

Listening to a Youtube of  Rob Reiner on Ari Melber's show, Reiner correctly said that Valdimir Putin not only wants to destroy our democracy, he wants to destroy democracy around the globe.  Which is something I think is true and which proves that his post-Soviet continuation of Soviet Communism as a capitalist mafia state was no real change at all.   The biggest mistake that was made about the Soviet Union was in taking any of the babble about it being in any way a socialist system as anything but PR smokescreens.   The Soviet Union, really all dictatorships, are best seen as oligarchic mafia states in which the real purpose of the ruling class is their perpetuation and enrichment through theft and corruption.   And, since that purpose is at odds with the goals of democracy, especially egalitarian democracy and the promotion of honest government and economic as well as legal justice, all oligarchs everywhere are constantly at war with democracy, always trying to find ways to undermine and destroy the reality of democracy, even if they maintain a pantomime of elections and rule of law.

The welcomed focus of the American media on the foreign oligarchs in Russia and elsewhere who ratfucked our election shouldn't blind us to the fact that our domestic oligarchs have been doing the same thing, continually, throughout our history.   The latest phase of that has been far more organized and far more a product of the intellectual prostitution of academic, journalistic and intellectual entities and individuals, such thins as the Federalist Society, the Ivy League system, the media, they've all played their part.   It really doesn't make any difference if the oligarchs who want to destroy democracy speak Russian or English, they're no more loyal to the American People or people anywhere who deserve self-government that serves them instead of the oligarchs.

I am convinced that the greatest danger to the United States isn't Russia, it certainly isn't the Russian People, it's billionaires, whether located in Russia or Britain or China or Texas or New York City.   The most effective means of protecting us from them is to overturn the Supreme Court rulings that, though the ruse of the First Amendment, has opened up our country, the media, the very elections system to being hijacked by the billionaires and multi-millionaires who have been corrupting our government in the last 50 years. 

The genius of Putin was in using the vulnerabilities created by such rulings as the Supreme Court brought to benefit our domestic oligarchs, the ones that aren't built into the Constitution by 18th century oligarchs, slave-owners and the merchant and banking class of the North.   They were joined by 19th and 20th century industrialists who the Court served in creating one of the clearest anti-democratic abominations in our history, corporate personhood. 

The courts, especially the Supreme Court, the least democratic, really non-democratic part of the government has played the biggest role in creating our vulnerability to virtual invasion by billionaires.  Considering the collusion of American billionaires with Putin and such entities as Cambridge Analytica, you can consider them to be the mercenaries of the Mercers, the Kochs, etc. or those Americans as the collaborators of the Putin class of foreign billionaire oligarchs. 

I'd like to know more about the role of old line American Communists and their fellow chumps and stooges played in the line of court cases that led to this vulnerability and the extent to which they were carrying water for the Soviet and other regimes.   The absurd idea that if only we deregulated the media to carry any content, lies, pornography, fascist and Nazi propaganda that it would lead to the glorious messaging of Marxists to be heard and insure victory as the Workers of America united to overturn capitalism was, in fact, a part of it,  I just wish I knew the extent to which that played a roll in the absurdity and insanity of making and leaving ourselves vulnerable to this kind of ratfucking was planned.   If I had the time and resources, I would look into the extent that the meatheads of the ACLU and their like had links to that ideological stupidity.   I know a number of them did.

We have a choice to make, we can protect ourselves and the information we have a right to in order to govern ourselves based on the truth instead of lies and propaganda, from those influences that sabotage that whether holding American citizenship or not (remember the Aussie-Brit Murdoch was given it for the purpose of ratfucking our system for billionaires) or we can live under the domination and dictatorship of the oligarchs.   What happens in Russia can happen here, only it will probably look a bit more like life for Black People under Jim Crow if not worse.   The translation might sound like vernacular American English but it won't be anything we would want.  That the Supreme Court says so should not be allowed to destroy democracy or even the hope of it. 

And I do mean that we can't allow the interpretations of the Constitution that have made us vulnerable stand, they must be overturned, lies must not be allowed prevail because if they do, lies will rule us.  No matter what the Court says the  Constitution says.   The Republicans on the Supreme Court are the servants of billionaires, foreign and domestic.

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