Monday, April 11, 2016

Donald Trump Would Never Really Try To Revise The Present Libel Laws Which Have Made Him What He Is

You've probably heard about the imagined front page of the Boston Globe a year from yesterday if Donald Trump wins.  You can see it here, if you haven't seen it yet.  I would quibble with one item, the story prominently displayed below the fold about Trump's revision to libel law.  That is one I can guarantee you will never happen.  If such a law were passed one of the biggest targets of it would be Donald Trump whose political career depends on lying about people, such a law would see him in court continually and if judges forced him to pay costs for those that he might bring under such a law, I can imagine it eating up his entire wealth.   There is no way a Republican congress would pass such a revision to the law because their hold on the congress would, as well, depend on lies such as those protected by present law.

But, other than that, the Boston Globe "front page" is good.   I wish they'd do one for President Cruz who, I fear, would be far worse than Trump.   In fact that is mentioned in the editorial demanding that Trump be stopped on the other side of that page.  The idea, though that a president Romney or, Lord help us, Paul Ryan is a better idea, as asserted in that editorial, is deluded.  The Trump and Cruz campaigns are the product of what the Republican establishment has been building to in the past half century.

More so, it is what the corporate media, most of it owned by establishment Republicans has been building to.   That establishment media, set free from requirements to not libel people by the courts, relieved from the Fairness Doctrine, equal time provisions, public service, etc.  has constructed the part of the population which now yearns for a fascist strong man to the extent that we are, seriously, in danger of having one next year.   They built that faction of the electorate, lie after lie, paranoid delusion after paranoid delusion, decades of race baiting, of lying about ethnic groups and the very liberals who so stupidly gave them the freedom to lie with impunity.

Donald Trump is the leading beneficiary of the regime of lying that rules our politics.  He might not realize that but it is, in fact, the only reason that he has the current lead in the Republican nomination race.  A president Trump would use massive lying as a political tool, just as the line of Republican presidents from Nixon through Bush II did and they will also depend on the lying media to amplify and add to their lies for their benefit.

The media is paranoid about that one line of Trump which will not become a law under Trump or any other Republican president or congress because they and their 1% patrons are the major beneficiaries of the legalization of lying.   The media would do a lot better if it spent any time fretting about that in fact checking their stories and imposing the rules of journalism on its "opinion" journalists.  If they told the truth they'd have nothing to worry about.

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